C-Track / Festoon System


Product Overview

Festoon Systems are categorized as either a C-Track or Tagline (wire) design. C-Track Festoons are used for providing power to a runway, power and control to a bridge crane, or lower voltage control to a separate pendant station circuit. The Festoon Cable is typically flat, but round versions are also found. The benefits of flat cable over round is that flat cable will stack up without twisting, and the trolleys can accommodate multiple layers of cable. Tagline Festoons are generally used for providing power and control to a hoist system or a smaller crane.

Product Features

C track / Festoon System typically consists of the following :

1. Track Joint Assembly 2. Track Hanger Clamp
3. Cross Arm Support Bracket 4. Control Box Trolley
5. C-Track 6.¬†Intermediate Trolley Saddle Assembly
7. End Clamp and Saddle Assembly 8. End Cap
9. Cable Connector 10. Junction Box
11. Flat Cable 12. Strain Relief Cable
13. Pendant Push Button Cable 14. Pendant Push Button Station
15. Tow Trolley and Saddle Assembly 16. Tow Bar
17. End Stop  


C-Track / Festoon System